Week three: conectar

What do you have there what we don`t have here? Libraries/ librarians are same same, but different. It is nice to have a chat sometimes. To talk about your routine and to compare things. Without stressing about official numbers or perfect presentations. To establish a connection. To shake your habitual a bit after 15 years of work at the same point.

I have lately experienced two Skype conferences. The first one about a month ago was organized between three Finnish libraries (Tampere, Mynämäki and Entresse) with librarians from Polyarny (Russia). All participants could speak the same language – Russian, it was easy.

The later one we organized between Donostia – San Sebastian library (Spain, Basque Country) and Entresse library (Espoo, Finland). That was my personal challenge because of the languages. Switching between Spanish and Finnish is not the thing my head was ready for. So now I know: one language at a time. Translations are not really a case in such virtual meet ups.

Anyways, more of such! There is no excuse of not enough budget: you don´t need to travel and internet connection nowadays is absolutely must in the libraries, isn’t?

Skype connection Espoo-San Sebastian, photo - David Muñoz

Chosen vocabulary of this week:

un portatil – laptop

un fusible – fuse

un socio – member

una resaca – hangover

un enlace – link


I’m sure, you have heard already about such phenomena as Cycling for Libraries. If not, well here is the essential idea:

cyc4lib 2013, photo by Jonas Tana

Some bunch of librarians and library lovers (let’s say from 20 to 120 in number) take their bicycles or rent those, meet at some point of the world and cycle from that point to some point B for several days. Together, as a big, colorful, very visible and friendly group. On the way they discuss library issues, information science, concepts of the third place, digitization processes, searching engines of Google, Yandex or whatever own searching engines, cataloging, open sources, Decimal Classification, library services for children or disabled, fixie bikes, winter bike tires, life etc, depending on the own involvements. Continue Reading »

San Sebastian В городе Сан-Себастьяне не просто ходят, но передвигаются разнообразно, вне зависимости от возраста и пола в ход идут разные приспособления: скейтборды, ролики, велики, самокаты, каяки, байдарки, кайты, сёрф-доски. Кто попроще – просто бегает или идёт нордической походкой с палками. Continue Reading »

Library for children. In every city library of San Sebastian – Donostia there is a part of the space devoted for children. Except the Central library, because the children section is located in different building, close, but different. Mostly Biblioteca Infantil is open during the evenings from 4 pm to 20, except for the school holidays, when doors are open also in the mornings.

Fairytales in three langages - Basque, Spanish and English every monday

Fairy-tales in three langages – Basque, Spanish and English every Monday in the Central Children’s library of San Sebastian are kept by the association Mestiza Elkartea

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There is no library without rules. But anyways, the level of strictness and user control vary pretty much from library to library, and better to say from country to country: norms are different from the physical access to WiFi availability.

Be quiet in the library! (pic source - bibo.kz)High-end strictness: Russia

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One day Central library of Donostia was in a different building, on the San Jerónimo street, hidden in an old town. Now it is moved to a more spacious place on the Alderdi Eder, a ground floor of the City Council. Anyway atmospheric cellar in San Jerónimo is still used by Donostia city library for special occasions. Like for instance Literature gathering or lectures = Tertulias literarias.

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Week one: conocer

San Sebastian – Donostia public library: to be a trainee.

Central library is in this building. But in the basement :(

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