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We are sitting in our libraries and feeling important: we have so much to offer! There are, apart from the books, movies, music, computer courses, e-magazines, recommendation sessions, fairy-tale hours, 3-D printer workshops, sewing machines… Only that sometimes I have a feeling that only librarians know about it. But not those for who these are meant.

A chamber. A common library problem. Everywhere, almost.

I´ve already suggested once an experiment: go out from your library and ask 10 random different people where is the library. Don´t go too far. How many positive answers will you get? On my way today I´ve asked two: a gardener and an “office worker”. Both knew.

While living in Donostia – San Sebastian I´ve learned that you just have to know things. They are not visible. You don´t find (almost never!) a sign outside the building with the words “Library” (Biblioteca or Liburutegia on the local languages). You just suppose to know where it is. It is interesting, but it´s a part of culture here. It´s not only about the libraries. It´s not enough to know the languages here, you have to know the ways. (more…)


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They want to change cataloging principles! They want to forget the holy Decimal system! They want to allowed people be loud!  – what a nightmare for a true librarian!

With these ideas we feel like sqatters, who are not welcome, but who are occupying someone’s property without the permission.Tabakalera


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What do you have there what we don`t have here? Libraries/ librarians are same same, but different. It is nice to have a chat sometimes. To talk about your routine and to compare things. Without stressing about official numbers or perfect presentations. To establish a connection. To shake your habitual a bit after 15 years of work at the same point.

I have lately experienced two Skype conferences. The first one about a month ago was organized between three Finnish libraries (Tampere, Mynämäki and Entresse) with librarians from Polyarny (Russia). All participants could speak the same language – Russian, it was easy.

The later one we organized between Donostia – San Sebastian library (Spain, Basque Country) and Entresse library (Espoo, Finland). That was my personal challenge because of the languages. Switching between Spanish and Finnish is not the thing my head was ready for. So now I know: one language at a time. Translations are not really a case in such virtual meet ups.

Anyways, more of such! There is no excuse of not enough budget: you don´t need to travel and internet connection nowadays is absolutely must in the libraries, isn’t?

Skype connection Espoo-San Sebastian, photo - David Muñoz

Chosen vocabulary of this week:

un portatil – laptop

un fusible – fuse

un socio – member

una resaca – hangover

un enlace – link

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