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We lost a big deal of the active patrons – women in their 40-50s. They have turned towards the eReaders and don´t come to the library anymore

One librarian, almost with the tears in her eyes

http://anakedlibrary.blogspot.com.es/2011/01/virtual-library-in-cloud.htmlMore and more we go virtual. Both – libraries and patrons. In HelMet libraries (Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Finland), for example, number of virtual visits is corresponding the physical: 8,1 million vs 8,4 million a year. Both types of visits are important and the customers in these groups represent totally different behavior and needs.

And here we have the same problem: our virtual resources are very well hidden from the patrons, aren´t they? You can´t efficiently market virtual services for the physical visitors, usually you also can´t get new virtual patrons through the physical contact. The language/medium is to be changed for building the successful communication. So the librarians turn virtual. (more…)


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We are sitting in our libraries and feeling important: we have so much to offer! There are, apart from the books, movies, music, computer courses, e-magazines, recommendation sessions, fairy-tale hours, 3-D printer workshops, sewing machines… Only that sometimes I have a feeling that only librarians know about it. But not those for who these are meant.

A chamber. A common library problem. Everywhere, almost.

I´ve already suggested once an experiment: go out from your library and ask 10 random different people where is the library. Don´t go too far. How many positive answers will you get? On my way today I´ve asked two: a gardener and an “office worker”. Both knew.

While living in Donostia – San Sebastian I´ve learned that you just have to know things. They are not visible. You don´t find (almost never!) a sign outside the building with the words “Library” (Biblioteca or Liburutegia on the local languages). You just suppose to know where it is. It is interesting, but it´s a part of culture here. It´s not only about the libraries. It´s not enough to know the languages here, you have to know the ways. (more…)

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I’m sure, you have heard already about such phenomena as Cycling for Libraries. If not, well here is the essential idea:

cyc4lib 2013, photo by Jonas Tana

Some bunch of librarians and library lovers (let’s say from 20 to 120 in number) take their bicycles or rent those, meet at some point of the world and cycle from that point to some point B for several days. Together, as a big, colorful, very visible and friendly group. On the way they discuss library issues, information science, concepts of the third place, digitization processes, searching engines of Google, Yandex or whatever own searching engines, cataloging, open sources, Decimal Classification, library services for children or disabled, fixie bikes, winter bike tires, life etc, depending on the own involvements. (more…)

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