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Crisis, savings, economical efficiency, using the personal just like the resources… capitalism? pragmatism, cynicism? some-other-ism?

Everyone everywhere now and always have had the financial problems, bigger or smaller ones: it is very easy to say, that there is not enough of money, that is why things don´t really work like they suppose to. But anyways, is the question more in prioritizing and establishing the “correct” values?

The libraries are among those public services, which are among the first in the list to cut the financing (governmental or municipal – whatever). Budgets are being reduced almost everywhere, in every country, city and village. But then local bosses and politicians are to decide – from what part of the service to cut away.

One (extreme?) example: Koldo Mitxelena library, San Sebastian

Customer service: 16 workers in two shifts (8/8) + Saturday, outsourced

Easy assistant work (disabled persons): 6 workers in two shifts (3/3) + Saturday, outsourced

Reprography: 1 worker, outsourced

Security: 3 workers in two shifts + Saturday, outsourced

Cataloging: 4 workers, outsourced

Office work (administration, direction, cataloging, digitization, inter-library loans etc.): 6 workers, own personnel (more…)


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