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Sufficient IT skills for librarians

Two days unconferencing at IFLAcamp 2014 in Lyon organized by New Professionals Special Interest Group, what does it mean? 5 sessions, 20 subjects and a mixture of about 60 enthusiastic LIS people to discuss and argue with. You don’t see here traditional PP- presentations or recognize hierarchy. All the questions/problems are suggested by the participants at the same day. You can moderate a group discussion, be a part of a creative thinking group producing the solution for a problem or choose a role of an observer. Unconferences are the best way to start international cooperation. They are easy to get in and free.

An unconference set of one participant can look for ex. like this: (more…)


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I’m sure, you have heard already about such phenomena as Cycling for Libraries. If not, well here is the essential idea:

cyc4lib 2013, photo by Jonas Tana

Some bunch of librarians and library lovers (let’s say from 20 to 120 in number) take their bicycles or rent those, meet at some point of the world and cycle from that point to some point B for several days. Together, as a big, colorful, very visible and friendly group. On the way they discuss library issues, information science, concepts of the third place, digitization processes, searching engines of Google, Yandex or whatever own searching engines, cataloging, open sources, Decimal Classification, library services for children or disabled, fixie bikes, winter bike tires, life etc, depending on the own involvements. (more…)

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