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We lost a big deal of the active patrons – women in their 40-50s. They have turned towards the eReaders and don´t come to the library anymore

One librarian, almost with the tears in her eyes

http://anakedlibrary.blogspot.com.es/2011/01/virtual-library-in-cloud.htmlMore and more we go virtual. Both – libraries and patrons. In HelMet libraries (Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Finland), for example, number of virtual visits is corresponding the physical: 8,1 million vs 8,4 million a year. Both types of visits are important and the customers in these groups represent totally different behavior and needs.

And here we have the same problem: our virtual resources are very well hidden from the patrons, aren´t they? You can´t efficiently market virtual services for the physical visitors, usually you also can´t get new virtual patrons through the physical contact. The language/medium is to be changed for building the successful communication. So the librarians turn virtual. (more…)


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